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What I Can Write4u

Example: 500 Word Post = $50

Price includes research time, writing, interlinking, keyword integration, uploading, and record keeping.

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Having a blog for your website is key to outranking the competition online. No matter the industry, becoming a thought leader in your field builds trust with both search engines and customers. Write4u expertise ranges across different fields and can provide quality blogs for you today!

10¢ Per Word

Web Copywriting

Creating a website isn’t complete without proper web copywriting. Having your website’s ideas, products, or information presented in a way that’s clear to search engines and your readers is critical to getting any traffic to your site. 


I will ensure that your site is written in both your brand’s voice and in a way that translates into high ranking search results. I'll also be there to ensure those pages remain up to date if anything in your field changes.


Price includes research time, writing, interlinking, keyword integration, uploading, and record keeping.

10¢ Per Word
Example: 1000 Word Post = $100
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SEO Auditing 


Taking your website through an SEO audit could be the difference between ranking on the first page of Google’s search results or ranking in the black hole that is everything past that first page. 


I’ll take a look at what’s under the hood of your website and fix issues such as internal and external linking, correcting meta tags, implementing keyword targeting, and more.

The length of audit depends on site size and CRM used.




Write4u understands that proper writing, no matter if you’re writing for a website or writing a novel, isn’t complete without proper editing.


A second pair of eyes could save your ebook, blog, or web pages from making grammatical mistakes and can also give in-depth feedback on how to take your projects to the next level. 


Creative Writing

Write4u isn't just all business. I recognize that creative writing can be just as valuable to the right people as all other forms of online writing.


Musicians need songwriters. Filmmakers need screen-writers. Literary magazines need poets and storytellers. Publishers need novelists. Writing is the basis for so many creative outlets and I proudly recognize that. 


For creative writing help, contact our Write4u directly in order to work out a quote and final price. Rates are subject to mutual agreements between the two parties and can include flat-rate fees, royalties, and other charges. 


Almost any project you may encounter, whether it be for business or part of a creative endeavor, will need quality writing at some point. Rather than staring at a blank word document for hours, you can get in touch with Write4u and get a specialized writer for expert help at a price that’s unique to what you’re trying to do. 


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