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5 Reasons Why Freelance Writers Can Fit Into Your Business's Budget

So you’re looking to build out you’re content marketing strategy and are not sure if a freelance writer can fit into your business’s budget. Hesitation is natural as the freelance market is widely varied.

According to a survey conducted by Clear Voice, most intermediate to professional freelance writers can charge anywhere from 10 cents to $1 per word.

While this may look like it can get expensive quickly, at Write4u we want to help breakdown the numbers and uncover why freelance writers can still save your business money.

No matter the size of your business or project, there are 5 major benefits of getting a third-party on board.

Save on equipment/Office space

In order for anyone to start writing and editing for your business they’re going to need some of these essentials:

  • Computer: $500-$2000

  • Desk: $150-$500

  • Microsoft Word: $150

  • Printer/Fax machine: $50

  • Internet Costs: $35-$100/month

With these estimates, just to get someone in your office to start writing can cost anywhere from $885 to $2,800. Freelance writers, on the other hand, have already invested in this equipment themselves.

To add to this, having someone write remotely allows your business to keep a smaller physical office. This cost savings will be reflected in your overall maintenance costs simply by hiring a freelance writer.

Save money on training

As any employer may know, new employees take several weeks before they can become efficient at their position. This includes copywriters, SEO analysts, etc.’s 2019 Industry Report found that on average, companies in the U.S. were spending about $1,286 per learner.

Training oftentimes requires one of your full-time employees to take time out of their workday to assist the new employee. This slows down output which can affect your bottom line.

To counter that, freelance writers are usually specialized in certain topics, fields, and industries. For example, if you own a golf website, you will find no shortage of freelancers that have past experience analyzing the sport and perfecting their words to match your site’s voice.

With the right freelance writer, you’ll be able to give them just a few specifications for your project and they’ll handle the rest right away.

Pay by project, not by the hour

While this may shock you, your hourly employees aren’t always laser-focused and productive throughout their 8-hour workday.

As a matter of fact, according to, the average worker is only productive for three hours of an 8-hour workday... You read that right, you’re probably paying people money for time that isn’t being used to further grow your businesses.

With freelance writers, you’re saving money by paying for the project you need rather than spending on the downtime that is natural for any worker.

You determine the size of the project and the writers charge for just that.

Flexible Pricing For Each Project

When you hire someone such as a full-time copywriter or content marketing strategist, you’re more than likely going to be unable to change the price you’re paying.

Estimates by Ziprecruiter have found the average yearly salary in the U.S. for one content writer is a little over $50,000. On top of that cost, that these same employees will expect raises and bonuses in the future which will affect your business’s cost for payroll.

With a freelance writer, you’re able to get flexible pricing per project either with a single writer willing to negotiate or by browsing the market.

As mentioned before, most writers charge between 10 cents to $1 per word. However, cheaper prices do exist if you only need someone at a beginner level and writers may be willing to adjust their own prices depending on the project.

No need to provide benefits or handle taxes

It’s no secret that HR benefits can be expensive. It’s the reason why so many people find comfort in their 8-5 job and often flock to those jobs rather than trying to run their own business.

But, how costly is it?

The most recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that on average, employers are spending $11.82 on each employee’s benefits per hour!

Freelance writers, however, are their own business. They’re responsible for providing their own healthcare, dental care, retirement funds, and “office snacks”. They’re also in charge of handling their own taxes.

The only thing employers have to worry about is getting a 1099 form written for every freelancer you pay at least $600 in a given year.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it’s all about protecting your business’s bottom line. The bottom line when it comes to hiring freelance writers is that it can almost certainly fit into your business’s budget.

There are other reasons why you’d want to hire a full-time writer on staff, but if your main concern is saving your business money, then bringing a freelance writer on board to execute your content marketing strategy should be seriously considered.

If you’re still not sure if freelance writers can fit into your business’s budget, contact Write4u and get a free estimate for your next project. We’ll help you break down your company’s biggest content needs and how they can be taken care of in the most cost-effective way.

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